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Family Portrait Photographer – East Aurora, NY.

January 12, 2014

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I captured this great family of four as they spent the afternoon in East Aurora, NY.  They enjoyed beautiful cupcakes and hot chocolate at Firefly Cupcake Cafe right on Main Street. When they were all done with their treats, we went outside and I couldn’t be happier with how their session turned out. This family was so much fun and I feel like their unique personalities shine through in the photos! Jennifer, the mom, was nice enough to share a bit about her family. I’ve included that throughout this post! Enjoy!!



Keith and I met when we were 10 and 12yrs old in the corn field behind my house. We were best friends for years and became roommates and started dating after living together. We got married when we were 18 and 20yrs old and have been married 13yrs.We had our beautiful brilliant son Ashton (12 now). Keiths mother had been ill and fighting cancer for over a decade, she hung on to see one of her sons get married and just long enough to see the birth of her 1st grandson. She passed on 2 weeks later.  when Ash was 7 we were blessed with our George-Henry Danger. Keith named him after our fathers, I didn’t love the name so I agreed only if he let me pick his middle name. No one believed us after he was born. Hank-Danger is my spirited one! He (also brilliant) has been an old soul from birth.  We love our boys more than life itself.”


“Keith and I are forever and always in love, he still (after 13yrs married) surprises me with romantic dinners by candle light after a long day of work. Through thick and thin, Keith and I have only gotten stronger and fallen harder for each other with every day that passes.”


“Our little family unit is our kind of perfect and our photo session captured our wild, chill, excited, loving, crazy, happy, beautiful family, better than I could have EVER asked or hoped for. To look at those pictures of my sons and see their personalities shine through is such an incredible talent for Lindsey to be able to capture. My friends and family (even friends or clients who have never met my family) have told me that they can see the personalities of my boys just by looking at a single one of those pictures! That right there is an impossible talent that Lindsey has BEYOND mastered. I cannot thank her enough for making this experience so perfect and now I will have a moment in time that she has immortalized, to have forever. I will recommend her to any and everyone who will listen! Thank you Lindsey for making this experience so amazing!”  – Jennifer 

I love my job!! I am currently booking sessions for 2014!!

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