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Wedding Day Preperations – Buffalo, NY Wedding Photographer

March 7, 2017

Hi, I'm Lindsey.
From my best wedding planning tips to the wildest wedding day dreams come true…. See it all here!

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Before the “I do!” and the celebration that follows the ceremony, I begin my day as a wedding photographer by capturing the bride (and sometimes groom) as she gets ready for her one of the biggest days of her life! This is such a special part of a wedding day, and sometimes it can be overlooked when planning your photography timeline. I always encourage my clients to schedule in time for me to come and capture the memories made during the hours leading up to their ceremony. There is so much excitement, joy and even slight nervousness (think: butterflies in your stomach) during the ‘getting ready’ part of a wedding day!

This is the time where you’re surrounded by some of the most supportive people in your life and the memories made will last a lifetime! This is also when I capture your wedding dress, your jewelry and any family heirlooms that you’re incorporating into your day. So much thought goes into planning each and every detail, and that’s why these photos are so important to my couples.

Buffalo Ny Photographer_0021.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0023.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0024.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0013.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0014.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0018.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0017.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0015.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0016.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0019.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0020.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0022.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0026.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0027.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0028.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0029.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0025.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0035.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0036.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0038.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0034.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0030.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0031.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0032.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0039.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0040.jpgBuffalo Ny Photographer_0050.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0049.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0043.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0033.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0041.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0042.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0044.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0045.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0046.jpg
Buffalo Ny Photographer_0048.jpg

I am currently booking for the 2017 and 2018 wedding season!! Contact me for availability and more details!!


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I'm Lindsey and I'm so happy you're here. From my best wedding planning tips to the wildest wedding day dreams come true…. See it all here! Stay a while and say hello!

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