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3 reasons to book a mini session!! – Orchard Park, NY Photographer

September 19, 2019

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If feels like the summer months fly by, and before you know it, it’s practically OCTOBER!! How did that happen?! I was resistant at first (like usual), but now I’m actually enjoying the signs of Fall. The cooler mornings and sunny afternoons, and I am excited for all of the colors of Fall to soon be here. Plus I’m already starting to see pumpkins in the fields by our house, and we have a lot of fun traditions to look forward too! This also means it’s time to start planning for the holidays!! And that means booking up last minute Fall family photo sessions, and filling up my mini session dates. I plan way ahead for these because I know the weather is going to shift pretty quickly over the next two months, and I like to give my clients a good amount of time to order their photo gifts, Christmas cards, all that fun stuff!! None of us will be stressing over photos in December, because they will have already happened in October!! Sound like a plan? This year I am offered Fall Mini Sessions in Orchard Park, NY and Tree Farm Mini Sessions in East Aurora, NY. I wanted to share a few reasons why I love offering Mini Sessions a few times per year.

3 reasons to book a mini session

  1. Your kiddos are growing and changing fast! I know we just did portraits in the Spring, but that was legit 6+ months ago, and your kids have definitely grown and changed a lot since then. I mean the baby wasn’t even walking then, and now you can barley get her to stop moving!! And your oldest has lost two more teeth. A mini session is a great way to update your photos without the time and financial commitment of a full session, while still receiving quality images and a great overall experience!!
  2. Your family loves seeing your Christmas card each year! If your grandma is anything like mine, she has saved every photo Christmas card that you’ve sent. Your family loves seeing recent photos of you and your kiddos on your card every year!! And these pictures make really great gifts too! Photo ornament, anyone?!
  3. A mini session is quick, and fun! Mini sessions are great for families with older kiddos, who don’t want to stick around for a full hour+ session, and instead would rather cooperate for a good 20 minutes to make mom happy!! A mini session takes place in one location, and I’m able to capture a variety during that time without spending a lot of time moving between locations. So it’s short and sweet!

Booking Info

I have space for a few more full portrait sessions (location of your choice, a custom session for your family), and currently only 1 spot open for Studio Holiday Minis (for kiddos). You can check out your options, and grab a spot on my website >> Booking Info!! <<  If there is interest I could add on an additional mini session day. Sign up below and I’ll reach out to you with more info and options for family photos this Fall.




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