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Why Real Estate Photography is So Important

January 17, 2020

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As a realtor, providing a great experience for your clients is so important. Buying and selling a home can be stressful, and there are so many things to think about – packing, staging, listing, looking at new properties… the list goes on. But there’s an easy way to help showcase your client’s home in a way that will sell it faster and more easily (sometimes even for more money!). That easy way? Real estate photography!

If you’re a realtor who isn’t currently having professional photos taken of your listings, you’re missing out on faster sales and potential higher commissions.

Real estate photography provides potential buyers with a “best possible scenario” vision of what the property can look like.

Real estate photos interior

Even if you can take fairly decent photos on your cell phone to use in your listings, it’s not going to showcase the depth and space available in each room.

Having properly angled, well lit photos can really help the viewer feel the layout of the space.

They’ll be able to visualize where the light comes in, and actually picture themselves in the home – before they’ve ever stepped foot inside.

Real estate photos interior

A professional real estate photographer will also capture details that don’t shine through in typical listing photos – the crown moulding in the dining room, the bright morning light through the kitchen window, the pieces of character throughout the home.

Capturing different angles and details provides depth and truly showcases each room within the house.

As a realtor, your goal should be to make a potential buyer feel at home. Having them experience that feeling before they ever step foot inside the home is going to make their experience that much more elevated when they do come to see it in person.

Real estate photos interior

Real estate photographers have the proper lenses and lighting to capture the details, space, and layout of the rooms.

Having photos taken early to mid-morning is the best time of day for real estate photos, to avoid harsh light. It’s also typically the most convenient for your clients, especially on a weekday while they’re out at work.

As a real estate photographer, I always tell realtors to schedule their photography appointment mid-morning when their clients are out at work so as not to disturb them or interrupt their weekend. Turnaround time is typically quick for real estate photos as well, so that you can get the listing and gallery up and online as soon as possible!

If you’re looking to provide your real estate clientele with an exceptional experience, then including professional real estate photography in your services is a surefire way to do that!

Interested in seeing a full gallery of a recent listing?!

If you’re a realtor in the Buffalo, New York area and are interested in having professional listing photos done, CONTACT ME so we can start planning!


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