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Perks of Having a First Look at Your Wedding | Charleston Wedding Photographer

January 17, 2023

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You’ve probably heard about a first look and have seen photos of this sweet moment captured between partners on their wedding day. Like everyone planning their wedding, you’re wondering, “Should we have a first look at our wedding??” Some couples feel strongly about the traditional magical moment of seeing each other for the first time at the alter!! Others are open to the idea of seeing each other beforehand & experiencing more of the day together. Either way, it’s really a personal choice. There is DEFINITELY no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer!!

I want to share some perks of having a first look on your wedding day, and how it impacts the flow of your photography for the day.

Perks of having a first look at your wedding:

  • Experience more of the day together
  • Take pictures before the ceremony
  • Maximize your time!
  • Move right into cocktail hour after the ceremony

Many times couples will choose to have a first look so that they can not only experience more of their wedding day together but so that they can have their portrait portion of their day take place prior to their ceremony. This way, you can take family photos, couples portraits, or full wedding party photos before the ceremony. Traditionally, all of this would need to happen between the ceremony and reception, which forces guests to wait around for a few hours.

A first look is a GREAT way to maximize the use of your time on your wedding day. It allows you to move right into your cocktail hour following your ceremony, and not miss out on enjoying that part of your wedding day with your guests – a part that you work so hard to plan!!

And as you’ll see from these photos, seeing each other before the ceremony truly doesn’t take away from making the moment special. No matter what you do, the moment down the aisle will be romantic. You’re marrying THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE – nothing can take those butterflies away!!Want more wedding planning tips? Here are 6 ways to plan a stress-free wedding day!!


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