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Life is Art

 I want to capture  you and your family in images that will tell your story! Lifestyle photography lets me do this!

Lifestyles sessions are photography sessions that capture people doing real life, everyday things that they love to do.  The options are endless we can do anything from taking a family bike ride, to making homemade pizzas in your kitchen, going to the drive in movies, miniature golf, going to the fair, or even a typical evening at home. The list goes on and on.

I will capture the experience in a well thought out artistic way. I will take a few fun group shots and individual shots! The photos from your session will be edited individually by me which will really take the photos that I capture to the next level! Most importantly I will capture you and your loved ones doing what you love to do. I know you might be thinking why do I need professional photos of my family making pancakes… or taking the dog for a walk?  Well, one day your kids will be grown, there will no longer be toys scattered throughout your house and you will miss all the little things from the past. These images will be invaluable to your family.

Let me help you preserve the legacy of your family in a really fun way!



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