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Location Ideas


My goal with photography is to tell a story, to tell *your* story. Because of this I *really* encourage my clients to be open minded and to think outside of the box when choosing a location for their session. Think about what makes you happy. Who is with you? What are you doing? I want to capture that; your happy place. Whether it’s a family session full of sledding, hot coco and rosy cheeks or a couples session that starts at a funky coffee shop or your favorite brewery and continues out into the surrounding streets. I would love to help you come up with a fun idea for your session!

On this page you can view some of the locations that I frequent for sessions. I would really encourage you to pick a unique location, theme or activity for your session that will make your session special. Remember that no matter where we go, you and/or your family will be the focus, not the location, so don’t stress too much about this!


Knox Farms in East Aurora

Knox Farms is a beautiful location for photographs. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot. Knox Farms offers a wide range of backgrounds and colors and makes for beautiful photos with natural surroundings. Whether it be the big red barns, the pond, the enchanting woods, or the wide open fields wrapped in charming wooden fencing. Knox Farms is absolutely beautiful in every season.

To see examples of photo shoots at Knox Farms click HERE and HERE and HERE.

To visit the Knox Farm website click HERE.


Green Lake in Orchard Park 

Green Lake is a wonderful location for photographs. Of course their is the beautiful lake surrounded by trees. There are three bridges, a beach and a really cute dock. In the summer time Green Lake rents out canoes and paddle boats! Other background options at Green Lake are a variety of barns and a cool colorfully painted stone wall! Green Lake is especially nice for fall sessions because the lake acts as a natural reflector for light and really helps to brighten photos once the seasons change and the days get darker!

Check out some of my sessions at Green Lake HERE and HERE! 


Train Station in Hamburg 

The train station in Hamburg is a really fun place for a session! Along with a few unique train cars and train tracks covered in tall grass. There is a cool purple building with great woodwork! As well as a big red barn and some vintage train cars that make for a great textured background! The Train Station in Hamburg is a wonderful location for a unique, fun and vibrant photo shoot!

HERE is a session that I photographed at the Hamburg Train Station!


Orchard Park Train Station 

The Train Station in Orchard Park has a large variety of backgrounds. The buildings have certain old world charm. Wonderful colors and texture! There is also a few funky train cars and the train tracks.

To see an example of photos captured in the Orchard Park Train Station click HERE  and HERE.


The Village of East Aurora

The village of East Aurora is full of many wonderful possibilities for photo sessions! The village has a wide range of unique small businesses that would make a really great backdrop for a session. Some of these locations are Taste, Firefly Cupcakes, Aurora Brew Works, 189, Reds Hot Dogs, Vidler’s 5 & 10,  and much more!!

The streets of the village also offer a wonderful setting for photos! I have many favorite locations just off of Main Street that provide a variety of options for photos!!

Click HERE and HERE and HERE  to see some sessions that have taken place in the village of East Aurora!



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