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Spring Session Guide

April 15, 2019

Hi, I'm Lindsey.
From my best wedding planning tips to the wildest wedding day dreams come true…. See it all here!

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As a portrait photographer I document all of the many adventures life throws our way, and I do it in a relaxed, authentic, and organic way. My goal as a photographer is to provide you with an amazing experience while creating images that you will truly treasure throughout your lifetime!!

Your photo session will be an adventure. I’ll lead you through each step of the way, and provide you with an amazing final gallery of photographs that truly represent the love your family shares (and some of the craziness too! That’s the fun part!!)



I want the photos that I take of your family to be really representative of who you all are. Try not to stress over the perfect outfits, or trying to get all your kids to smile at the camera at the same time. I will guide you through your session so that I can capture movement, emotion, connections and details. These are the moments that take place in your everyday life, and these are the memories you’ll want to have pictures of. I focus on joy-filled connections, and details like the way your daughters hair flows as she twirls around, or your sons sweet, toothless smile, or your baby’s little toes. All of these moments are fleeting and I love love love to capture them for you! Spring Mini

Mini sessions are around 25 minutes long, and are booked back to back.  Because of this, timeliness is key. Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your session, and give yourself time to park and meet me at the meeting spot. Try to make sure that your kiddos are all dressed and ready to go so that we can begin promptly. I’ve found that if you give yourself a little extra time to get there and get ready, you’ll be less stressed 🙂 


Meeting Locations:

There are TWO locations. Please check the receipt that you received when you booked your session to confirm your date, time and location.

Chestnut Ridge Sessions – Saturday, May 4- Let’s meet at my favorite spot at the Ridge. It’s the entrance to the Eternal Flame trail. The address for the house next-door to the parking lot is 6731 Chestnut Ridge Road, Orchard Park, NY. You will see the parking lot it is fenced off by wooden fencing. Once you park, you will see the entrance to the path, plan on meeting me right at the entrance. If you need to reach me, you can text 912-2803.

Delaware Park Sessions – Sunday, May 5 – Let’s meet at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in the back of the building at the bottom of the giant stair case. It’s right by the fountain, and you’ll see Hoyt Lake and Delaware Park directly across the street. You have to find street parking at this location, so please plan accordingly.  If you need to reach me, you can text 912-2803.


What to wear:

Try not to stress to much about your outfits, wear clothing that feels authentic to who you are.  Here are some tips to help you plan:

  • Avoid clothing with graphics or large logos as they can distract from your face, and that’s what we want to see!
  • Colors tend to photograph best, so try to avoid solid black or solid white.
  • Choose a color palate. The goal is to coordinate your outfits, without looking too matchy.
  • Mix & match patterns and textures, as well as layers and accessories (such as jewelry, scarfs, sweaters) to add visual interest!
  • By wearing layers you are able to get different looks in your images without a full outfit change!

Click HERE to view my Pinterest board with outfit inspiration. Feel free to reach out to me with questions regarding outfit ideas!




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I'm Lindsey and I'm so happy you're here. From my best wedding planning tips to the wildest wedding day dreams come true…. See it all here! Stay a while and say hello!

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