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3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Custom Branding Photography

July 29, 2019

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Let’s face it, social media is a big part of any small business these days! No matter how great your products or services are, social media and how you market your business is totally image based!! The photos you share reflect your business and act as your virtual storefront. Having professional images makes your company stand out in a feed full of cell phone pics. I’m here to tell you why branding photography is essential for your small business. 


Story-telling photography for small businesses


You have a mission that you believe in, and it’s important to represent the vibe of your business in a way that your customers connect with. Your company, your mission, and how you serve your community IS your brand and your business. When you have images that speak that message in volumes, you’re making yourself and your business stand out. 


3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Custom Branding Photography


Prima Cafe branding photoshoot

1.  Elevate your brand and professionalism 

On-location brand photography creates images that connect with your ideal customer.

Photos tell the story of your small business, and you can use them as tools to push your company forward. Say you operate a coffee shop. There are a million other coffee shops, and a million and one photos of lattes floating around on social media. 


But if you hire a branding photographer to capture:

  •  the beautiful, thoughtfully decorated interior of your cafe, 
  • the sacks of fair-trade, organic beans ready for roasting, 
  • your employees laughing and having fun while they’re at work, 
  • and a fun photo of you standing proudly outside your shop –

you’re no longer “just” a coffee shop. You’re a business with a heartbeat, and you’re giving people and potential customers a glimpse into the behind the scenes, and what makes your business interesting. 


“I am so grateful for my branding shoot by Lindsey. She is a true professional and instantly made me feel at ease. My business is very labor and time-intensive. Therefore, it is difficult to balance doing the work with taking the time to shoot, edit, and share images on social media or the blog. The photos of past projects and works-in-progress are the perfect resource to keep my content flowing.”  -Stacy, Blake Hill House


The Barre Studio Hamburg branding photoshoot

2. Give you an edge on social media and online 

One of the best parts about having a photography branding session done? You have a gallery of beautiful images at the ready! Just a few things you can use the images for:

  • Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Facebook or Instagram ads
  • Your website + newsletters


Another amazing thing about having a professional gallery of photos? You can actually save time + headaches by SCHEDULING your social media posts ahead of time!


No more whipping out your phone at the end of an exhausting day to snap a pic and think up a caption. You can plan out two months worth of content in a day, and consistently reach your target audience without stressing. 


“Lindsey is a true professional and really worked hard to create images that reflect our vision for our business. We now have a bank of beautiful photos to use for social media, our website & other advertising mediums. Lindsey made the whole experience easy and fun, and I look forward to another photoshoot with her!” -Alex, Prima Oliva Cafe


3. Allow people to know, like, and trust you

The “know, like and trust” factor is HUGE, but so many small businesses miss this step. How are you letting people into your life, brand and business? 

How are people able to get to know you? Like you? TRUST you? Because if they don’t know you, like you, or trust you, they’re not going to buy from you. Period. 


Blake Hill House podcast branding photos


Branding photography can help with your know/like/trust factor.


Having a fun, on-brand, eyes-open-and-looking-at-the-camera headshot is a must.

You can put it on your social media and you should DEFINITELY have one on the about page on your website. It helps to humanize your business, and when people walk in and recognize you (even if they haven’t met you before), they feel more connected than they would if they had never seen you. 

You can also use headshots or photos of your team to talk a bit about yourselves and build connection points with your audience. (“Wait, you love avo toast?! Me TOO!”)



Showing behind the scenes or how you run your business lets people inside your process. Even if they’ve never been to your barre studio or cafe, they know what it looks like and the general vibe that they can expect.

You can give people glimpses into different processes or experiences that they might like and enjoy.


Blake Hill House branding photoshoot


Branding photos can provide an opportunity to do proactive objection handling.

(aka answer people’s questions before they even know they had them). For example, if you run a gym that caters to people of all fitness levels, posting photos of your diverse clientele SHOWS people that they’re welcome at your gym, even if they’re not training for a triathlon. When you have branding photos that represent your business, they act as a conversation starter on social media or your website, and give you a chance to explain your “why” to potential clients.


“Lindsey manages time & again to showcase the culture of the studio & the friendships in our teaching team.  I love having this “proof” to post on social media. It looks real & genuine because it is. Every time we teach a class, it’s one of us working out with a group of our friends.  Lindsey so beautifully makes us all comfortable & is able to capture that.” – Melissa, The Barre Studio


So if you’re not sure that this is for you, these are the main reasons to do a branding photography session for your business!

  1. They elevate your brand and professionalism

  2. They give you an edge with your online presence

  3. They allow people to know, like, and trust you

I’m currently booking for this Fall 2019 and Winter 2020. Let’s team up!! I also offer trade for services depending on your business, so feel free to reach out! 

If you’re thinking about doing your own branding session for your small business, contact me!


business branding packages

Content Creation Package $400

Add on option – On-location headshots – Up to 7 employees +$150

Want to trade??

I’m open to the option of a trade or partial trade! 



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